Can God Fix Computers?

This morning I turned on my computer and it proceeded to crash. Repeatedly it restarted itself and crashed again and again. I have never seen anything like it. I was on a deadline to get something written, and tried disconnecting everything unnecessary and doing a hard reboot. Again and again it crashed. I wrote down the failure codes just in case, and restarted several times. I thought I was going to crash it permanently. The odds of it functioning without professional help seemed to become exponential.

Desperate, I reached my hands out to the screen and said, “Jesus please help me.” Notice I don’t use an exclamation mark as by this time I was feeling pretty defeated. Instantly – and I do mean instantly – the Windows opening page appeared and the computer functioned perfectly all day. Make of it what you will!

Einstein said, there are two kinds of people: those who believe everything is a miracle and those who don’t believe miracles exist.Miracle site.


About Franco Guerri

Born and raised in Rome Italy; immigrated to the US at ten; UC Berkeley activist during the Vietnam antiwar era; Hollywood assistant cameraman and film editor; spent the next few years seeking God, praying and meditating in France and the US; married 30 years to a beautiful artist/designer wife with whom he co-labors; two amazing sons; post graduate studies in engineering and Bible; discovered God as a personal relationship and the Cross as the bridge to Him; started and managed two successful manufacturing businesses in California and Montana. Now residing in Longmont, Colorado, close to his two sons and their families. Among other endeavors, he is writing a movie script about an Iraq war veteran who loses both his legs in the war.
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6 Responses to Can God Fix Computers?

  1. Tim Shey says:

    For some reason this reminds me of a time I was hitchhiking in northern California somewhere around 1998 or 1999. I had been walking for two or three miles and I was out of water, so I said, “Lord, I need some water.”

    Within five minutes, I saw this pipe coming out of this hillside with cold water running out of it. I said, “Thank you, Lord” and proceeded to fill up my water bottle.

    I walked a little further and said, “Lord, I need something to eat” because I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours.

    Within five or ten minutes, I found this plastic jar of peanut butter in the ditch. Also, there was copy of BEN HUR right next to the jar of peanut butter. I said, “Thank you, Lord.”

    In the Kingdom of Heaven, the Lord can fix computers and provide food and water to a hitchhiker on a highway in northern California.

    • It’s so mysterious why He provides so obviously sometimes, but not others. But then “why” and “when” are the forbidden question, I think.
      I see you like those bicycle racers, getting food and drink from people that are placed there just to hand them what they need. You are on God’s team and I see him watching over you and producing what you need when you need it. May there never be 24 hours without food, unless you’re fasting. Bless you.

  2. Hi Franco – excellent post and we praise the Lord for His help, and for what He taught me when I found my rebuilding this pc didn’t work at first! See

    • Again, Richard, thanks for reading. I’m hopping over to read your pc blog. Praising Him that mine has become stable…no more crashes…yay! And for all you Mac users who wonder why we do it, it’s about the money!

  3. Good to hear that Jesus cares even about our computers. I must admit, I’m a little jealous–I’ve prayed many a time while having computer difficulties and it’s never worked. Next time I’m calling you! lol

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