August 2010, when a mosque was about to be built on or near the 911 Ground Zero,             I wrote:

“If you know any card games you understand the trump card… God trumps politicians, Muslims, and any other power that comes against us and avows enmity to Him or His people!  I’m not talking about religion, which is invented by man.  I’m talking about God as revealed to us in Jesus and in the Word of God, both written and living will overcome any human power.”

I read it this morning for the first time since Writing it. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, but my wife thought it should be reposted. You can read the rest here.

At the beginning of this year of 2017, I received a prophetic word. It was literally a word, a single word: “RESET”. Well, it wasn’t really capitalized, but I’ve learned what His voice sounds like, so I knew it was a word. But, I really had no one to share it with, other than my amazing wife Ann. As the word unfolded, its meaning became clearer. This year is a year of new beginnings as people’s lives, institutions – political and otherwise – are restored, reset, and are reborn from there.

That seemed pretty clear, and hardly worth mentioning. As January moved along, the word started to extend. Reset encompassed the concept of Jubilee, which was explained in Leviticus to occur every 50th year. On the year of Jubilee agriculture was not allowed and the land was fallowed, which meant that man would eat by God’s grace alone. But more importantly, it was a year of freedom and restoration during which slaves and indentured servants would be set free, debts would be forgiven, and property restored to its rightful owners.

Jubilee speaks of God’s love and kindness, and his heart’s desire for His people that we are free from any kind of bondage. It’s merely an extension of the Sabbath, which I see, not as God’s decree that we stop and worship Him, but His provision for His kids to rest from labor. We must remember that He created a place for us to live in joy and happiness, in a face-to-face relationship with Him. Toil and suffering were never His plan for us. It was the result of rebellion. Some of the yearly feasts God instituted were also meant to interrupt continuous toil, gather as families, and go camping (well, they had to walk, sometimes for days, to revisit the place of their clan). The weekly Sabbath, the Feasts, and the year of jubilee are just revelations of a loving God’s heart.

Jubilee is a redemptive time for God’s people (an inclusive term, as God loves all his created people, not just some – except there are always some who just don’t want to receive – think Pharaoh, the Pharisees, Judas, etc.) to redeem all that was lost, stolen or interfered with. It is a time of being set free of fears and a death to all that is harmful. A time of freedom and breakthrough. A time of rest and restoration while blessings rain down.

Having just moved and being at a new church, I never shared this word. But one Sunday, I thought I would go to the prayer room where people are ministered to with healing prayer and prophecy.  Since I was feeling pretty healthy and pain-free that day, I happened to share my word, and one of the two ladies suddenly broke down crying, sharing with us that she was experiencing one of those debilitating moments. Still, I didn’t share my word.

A few days later, I discovered that 2017 was indeed considered the current year of jubilee. I say considered because there are theological disagreements about the exact timing of the year of jubilee. Nevertheless, when I googled this I found the following on Joseph Prince’s website:

“In this year of Jubilee, according to Scripture, debts are going to be supernaturally canceled. Lost possessions and family relationships are going to be restored. This is the vision the Lord has for all who follow this ministry as we step into 2017!”                                 Theme of the year 2017, Joseph Prince

This morning, when I found my old blog from 2010, I was compelled to post this word – “RESET”.  May you be set free from any bondage that besets you; may your finances be abundant; may you be refreshed as if you had the whole year off; and may your enemies be powerless to touch you. May our country be blessed in every way; our leaders be enlightened in every way; and may we be a blessing to all nations! Amen and Amen!


About Franco Guerri

Born and raised in Rome Italy; immigrated to the US at ten; UC Berkeley activist during the Vietnam antiwar era; Hollywood assistant cameraman and film editor; spent the next few years seeking God, praying and meditating in France and the US; married 30 years to a beautiful artist/designer wife with whom he co-labors; two amazing sons; post graduate studies in engineering and Bible; discovered God as a personal relationship and the Cross as the bridge to Him; started and managed two successful manufacturing businesses in California and Montana. Now residing in Longmont, Colorado, close to his two sons and their families. Among other endeavors, he is writing a movie script about an Iraq war veteran who loses both his legs in the war.
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2 Responses to A Prophetic word for 2017: “RESET”

  1. Tim Shey says:

    Franco: I just reread this post. It bears witness with my spirit.

    I have been on the road for most of 20 years. If I am hearing from God, 2017 may be the year that I stop hitchhiking and maybe the Lord will let me settle down someplace.

    • My spirit believes He is finding that place for you, just as I believe that you were called to do a work on the road. Sometimes I wonder what I may have accomplished for the Kingdom, but I trust He knows the why of all things and it’s not for me to know, at least not on this side of the veil. Bless you Tim. Every ship must come to port at the end of a journey.

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