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The Holy Spirit Has a Sense of Humor

The Holy Spirit cleared her throat to get my attention, and asked me why I wasn’t applying the insite she had imparted to me. I was pondering the passage in Ephesians chapter 6 in preparation for a home group we’re leading for the church we attend. Continue reading

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Reading the Bible “In the Spirit”

After more than thirty years of listening to many preachers, one year of Biblical Studies, years of study on my own, and more important, many, many years of a life journey with God – all three of him! – the Bible is coming alive with fresh meaning and excitement! So, if you feel that your Bible reading leaves you kind of feeling lukewarm, you’re not alone, but I think you’ll be encouraged. There’s a “trick” to it. Continue reading

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Impregnated by the Spirit

This moment of impregnation, of baptism by fire or Holy Spirit, is precious and can be very powerful and life-changing, just as it was to Mary. Continue reading

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Wrapped in the Arms of Jesus

“The Gospel is not the news that you can receive Jesus into your life, The Gospel is the news that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit has come and He has received you into His life.” (Baxter Kruger)
Receiving salvation is not praying a prayer, it’s not doing good deeds, it is believing what He has done. Continue reading

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The Cross: Restoring Humanity to Factory Settings

Jesus came to reset us to our “factory settings”. The Incarnation can be seen in this modern digital parable of restoration – just a contemporary way of seeing the coming of a New Earth as a fulfillment of the garden of Eden. Continue reading

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Intimacy or Intercession

If we neglect intimacy, we cannot be intercessors; if we neglect intercession, we fail our calling.

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Do Statistics Defy the Existence of God

People think statistics defy the existence of God. Actually God’s order replaces statistics. Life replaces chaos. Continue reading

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Can God Fix Computers?

Can God fix a computer? Einstein said, there are two kinds of people: those who believe everything is a miracle and those who don’t believe miracles exist. Continue reading

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The Big Lie

What is the Big Lie that takes us all the way to depression and even suicide? And what belief gives hope and purpose to life?
Some of you think the answer must be Jesus. Some of you are thinking, the answer better not be Jesus. In this case, both could be right and both could be wrong. Continue reading

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Big Bang AND Creation

Our world consists of bits or pixels, much like a TV show. It appears to be analog or continuous, but in reality it may be said to be more binary in its makeup. The Big Bang theory for the genesis of our universe may just be a close conceptual approximation of the moment of creation. God is “bigger” that we could ever imagine. Continue reading

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