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“Reset” was the word I got for the year 2017. As the word unfolded, I learned it meant all that the year of jubilee meant in the Old Testament. People were set free from whatever bondage beset them. Their property was returned to its rightful owners. and rest and restoration took place for a full year, while the people lived from the bountiful grace of God. In terms of institutions, whatever is illegitimate, whatever is abusive, whatever is unjust or unwise shall be torn down, and what is good and wise shall take its place.
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Show Me the Glory

“I only believe what I can see and touch, measure and prove empirically!” Really? You’ve just chosen to be much more limited than those who are physically blind.
Even “scientifically”, you are stuck in the stone ageā€¦ Join me in a journey that even Einstein wasn’t willing to take. Continue reading

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Loving a Cartel Killer – Part 5

There was blood on his hands, and his confession was a plea for punishment and forgiveness from a father he had never known. Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm

Why just today hadn’t I parked in my usual spot? God’s perfect, loving plan for my life, included the many twists and turns to prevent it. Psalm 29 depicts the perfect storm, a picture of the economic storm that is ravaging the world. But the Lord blesses His people with peace. Continue reading

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