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“Reset” was the word I got for the year 2017. As the word unfolded, I learned it meant all that the year of jubilee meant in the Old Testament. People were set free from whatever bondage beset them. Their property was returned to its rightful owners. and rest and restoration took place for a full year, while the people lived from the bountiful grace of God. In terms of institutions, whatever is illegitimate, whatever is abusive, whatever is unjust or unwise shall be torn down, and what is good and wise shall take its place.
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Life Is like a Hurricane

What is a successful life? Will we ever regret not having made more money or garnered more fame? Why is life like a series of storms with just a few short days of serene skies? What if the only thing that counts is our response to adversity and suffering? Continue reading

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“God Is Love” (1 John 4:6)

How can a “monolithic” God be love? I don’t think he can. Because love must have an object, a lover needs another lover. Thus, if John is right, that God is love, it makes sense that God is “on essence, … Continue reading

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Teachable Moments: Kingdom Here And not Yet

Circumstances are god’s way of creating teachable moments. Life is like walking through Times Square, with a myriad billboards and electronic signs shouting messages with temporal and eternal messages with the potential of transforming us. Continue reading

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Prophets and Quantum Physicists

Science and religion should be lovers. Instead they are suspicious, jealous and estranged. Yet God could be an amazing source of inspiration for science, and science should be a way for Christians to grow in faith as science works to reveal the invisible world of God’s creation. All it takes is an open mind, and open and willing heart. Continue reading

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Milk is For Babies

If you’re living on spiritual milk, you’d better learn how to cook for yourself, and perhaps find a restaurant where they serve up a full menu, with all the food groups. “Then…you won’t become bored with being a Christian nor become spiritually dull and indifferent, but you will be anxious to follow the example of those who receive all that God has promised them.” Continue reading

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Light and Other New Parables

God has woven a multitude of undiscovered parables into creation. Their discovery will be for those few that know enough of both Scripture and science. Continue reading

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Walking in the Spirit

Before we chose the way of earth over the way of God, heaven, we had senses that could “see” into what we call the invisible world. That is “extra-sensory perception”.
When we believe Messiah and the Eternal who sent him, we receive the eternal God-seed, and our “extra” senses are restored. Continue reading

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Dimentions 3 – Kingdom

When Jesus burst into our four-dimensional reality, he announced that the Kingdom of multi-dimensional power had arrived. Science gives us a clearer picture of what happens when heaven and earth intersect. Continue reading

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Heavenly Sex

What is sex like in heaven, I wondered with my wife this morning. For a moment I looked into her eyes and, slightly surprised, she looked into mine… Imagine the difference between verbal communication underwater and above, in air. Continue reading

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