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Visible – Invisible

Until we were able to pry into the atom and beyond, it made sense to believe in what is solid. But the Bible, written two thousand years ago, says that what is seen is made up of what is not … Continue reading

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Do Statistics Defy the Existence of God

People think statistics defy the existence of God. Actually God’s order replaces statistics. Life replaces chaos. Continue reading

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Big Bang AND Creation

Our world consists of bits or pixels, much like a TV show. It appears to be analog or continuous, but in reality it may be said to be more binary in its makeup. The Big Bang theory for the genesis of our universe may just be a close conceptual approximation of the moment of creation. God is “bigger” that we could ever imagine. Continue reading

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Prophets and Quantum Physicists

Science and religion should be lovers. Instead they are suspicious, jealous and estranged. Yet God could be an amazing source of inspiration for science, and science should be a way for Christians to grow in faith as science works to reveal the invisible world of God’s creation. All it takes is an open mind, and open and willing heart. Continue reading

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Dimentions 3 – Kingdom

When Jesus burst into our four-dimensional reality, he announced that the Kingdom of multi-dimensional power had arrived. Science gives us a clearer picture of what happens when heaven and earth intersect. Continue reading

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Dimensions 2 – Randomness and Ignorance

Randomness = Ignorance = Unpredictability. Apparent randomness and unpredictability can be defined as the sum of our ignorance. Does God appear random and unpredictable? Continue reading

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Dimensions 1 – Heavenly Coordinates

If we define the dimension of a space or object as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it, then God being infinite and eternal, or beyond time, would necessitate infinite “coordinates” to be defined. Can we not say that the entire Bible is a document from beyond time and space attempting to give sufficient “coordinates” in order to define God Himself to a people trapped in only a few dimensions? Continue reading

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