Truth and Dogma

The more I live the more I believe that growth happens with the disruption, change and even death of what were once closely held beliefs and world views. Beliefs that have become rigid and unchanging result in diminishing life, vitality, joy, and love. Eventually, a rigid world view becomes judgmental, intransigent, condemning of other’s positions and worse.

When we stop our spiritual growth, we stagnate and begin to die. The spirit lives in the in-finite; when we put our beliefs in a box we are looking for finite solutions, we’re trying to understand multi-dimensional worlds from the confines of our little four-dimensional perspective. (Read “Dimensions”) It’s worse than if you tried to measure the speed of light with a tape measure and a stopwatch. ¹

Spiritual growth is dependent on learning and experiencing “Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard” 1 Corinthians2:9-10

Jesus tells the disciples, “There is so much more I would like to say to you, but it’s more than you can grasp at this moment. But when the truth-giving Spirit comes, he will unveil the reality of every truth within you.” ²

To understand God even a little bit, the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of truth – must be welcomed, invited and involved.

A rigid belief system becomes dogmatic, meaning that we begin to live by a set of rules and regulations rather than as a result of a dynamic relationship with a living God. Not only is dogmatic crystallization a problem for individuals, but also for groups and civilizations.

The ancient world predating Abraham consisted of a rigid construct based largely on mythical beliefs of a reality whereby humanity lived at the pleasure of a variety of angry and demanding gods. Although we tend to lump all the books of the Old Testament as descriptive of one homogeneous religion and culture, it is actually a document of a journey from a pagan, mythology-based reality to a more enlightened world view. As an example, after Abraham, child sacrifice was replaced with animal sacrifice. The mythical selfish gods were replaced with a supreme creator with plans for our wellbeing, and so on.

Jesus tells us that these Old Testament writings were meant to make the way for his coming and a new world view but men had perverted it into a dogmatic system that was in its turn resisting growth and transition. The Old Testament, it turns out was supposed to not only reveal the Creator-God better than had the mythological constructs of the ancient world, but to point to Jesus and a whole new way, new reality, and above all, to forgiveness, grace, mercy, humility, and love among many other revolutionary concepts. ³

Finally, just because some item of doctrine is preached from ten thousand pulpits doesn’t necessarily make it Gospel truth. For instance, does God really torture anyone that hasn’t prayed the salvation prayer- whichever one your church subscribes to? Is anyone damned to eternity because he or she hasn’t been confirmed by a priest or received last rights? Is anyone damned because they never heard about Jesus? Well, you get the idea. Start by reading the scriptures, but not just a few carefully chosen verses. What do the early church fathers say? They were closer to the source of it all. Most of all, don’t worry, God is a merciful father and he’s not going to damn you for not having perfect theology. He loves it when we want to know him better, but certainly, he isn’t going to blame us for not knowing the TRUTH about all things. I’m most suspicious about religious sects – Christian or otherwise – who tell you that only those of their group have the inside scoop that will save them and only them from damnation.

The absolute truth – sometimes referred to as “all truth” in the Bible – is unknowable in its totality because of how we are made. An AM radio can’t “know” what FM frequencies are being broadcast. The Bible gives us glimpses, and the Holy Spirit gives access to a bit more:  “Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard… For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God” 1 Corinthians 2:9-10.

Searches all things… sounds like a cosmic search engine doesn’t it? All we need to do is align ourselves, tune ourselves with the Holy Spirit.


¹ By the way, the speed of light changes relative to the observer and therefore is elastic and not a constant. The speed of light seems to be a very foundational factor used in the makeup of our world and used to be considered a constant. However, with the discovery of the sub-atomic particles and quantum physics, we have transitioned into a world that behaves more like the spiritual world than the physical world. In other words, God’s world transcends analysis by our limited minds. Only the spirit can reveal “all truth”.

² John 16:12-13 The Passion Translation

³ Read the Sermon on the Mount: it is his “manifesto”. This is the nitty-gritty ways of the kingdom out of Jesus’ mouth! It is the most trustworthy glimpse we have into the heart of God.  Matthew chapters 5 to 7.

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The Holy Spirit Has a Sense of Humor

Putting on the Armor of God by Christine Kerrick…I guess it’s poetic license to omit any protection for the regions below the belt.

The Holy Spirit cleared her throat to get my attention, and asked me why I wasn’t applying the insight she had imparted to me. I was pondering the passage in Ephesians chapter 6 in preparation for a home group we’re leading for the church we attend. In it, Paul likens armor piece by piece with the protective and offensive provisions from God.  If you’ve attended church for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard this passage preached more than once. Typically, a study of this passage remains a dry outline of all these armor parts and their spiritual equivalents. For me, this outline of armor parts had never yielded much, and I was just posing the question, how can this be rendered useful, immediate, even powerful? To add insult to injury, whoever prepared the leader study notes had made what I consider to be a significant mistake.
Verse 17 in several translations says something like this:”And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” The notes explained that the word of God refers to the Bible. This sounds very plausible, but for some reason I chose to look it up in the interlinear bible. If you’re not familiar with this source you might want to bookmark this app:
This is what you would see:

Sadly, if you went with Bible as the explanation of what the Sword of the Spirit meant, you would miss totally what Paul is saying. The sword is, after all, the only offensive weapon in the whole armor, so I would give this item at least some special attention. After all, if life is to be compared to war, you can’t win a war without an offensive weapon. Tragically, if you tried to throw your bible at the enemy, or even recite verses, I don’t think you could win the battle. What you will notice in the direct translation above is that the original word in the Greek is “rhema”. Now, by the magic of the internet, you click on the number above the word, 4487, and you will see its meaning in Strong’s Concordance, which used to be a big cumbersome book. But now, we are all sort of experts with just a click of the mouse.

4487 rhḗma (from 4483 /rhéō, “to speak”) – a spoken word, made “by the living voice” (J. Thayer). 4487/rhḗma (“spoken-word”) is commonly used in the NT (and in LXX) for the Lord speaking His dynamic, living word in a believer to inbirth faith (“His inwrought persuasion”).

The takeaway is that in the everyday battles of life, our main offensive weapon is to hear God speaking to us with his living, vibrant, creative Rhema-word, the same word he used to create the universe! As you can imagine, I was pretty pleased with myself for this discovery. This is the kind of stuff I live for… but it gets even better. In my defense, I really never think of myself as discovering anything in the realm of the spirit, but I was just savoring this insight or rather, gift. Just then, I “felt” or perceived someone as if clearing their throat to make their presence known and somehow, I knew it was the Holy Spirit.

“So, Franco, why aren’t you applying this to a certain little problem…” People say that the Holy Spirit is a gentleperson, never violating your freedom of choice. Well, I discovered she is also kind, choosing not to rub my nose in this “little thing”.  If I had to characterize this exchange, I would say it was almost humorous “Hmm, hmm…” – I really don’t know how to spell the sound you make when you clear your throat like that. But I immediately what the little problem was. In this case the Rhema word was not so dependent on the actual words. The message was more like a Vulcan mind meld.

Immediately, I started using this idea. The idea is that the battle is lost if we own a bad thought or emotion. If we can intercept the bad thought, the battle is won. But how? This may sound too simple to actually work, but I decided to just cry out, “Holy Spirit!!!” the second something unwanted “arrived”. The effect has been nothing less that spectacular. And although I’m sure there is much more to be extracted in this passage on the armor of God, I’m pretty content for now to have understood something precious about the Sword of the Spirit. Bottom line, this Sword of the Spirit, this word from God, has been completely effective in eradicating the so called “little problem”.

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Reading the Bible “In the Spirit”

With my wife Ann in Taos making new friends.

After more than thirty years of listening to many preachers, one year of Biblical Studies, many years of study on my own, and what’s more important, many, many years of a life journey with God – all three of him! – the Bible is coming alive with fresh meaning and excitement! So, if you feel that your Bible reading leaves you kind of feeling lukewarm, you’re not alone, but I think you’ll be encouraged. There’s a “trick” to it.
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Impregnated by the Spirit

Jesus established an open heaven when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Why is it that for most of us, those early days of discovering Jesus are so exciting and wonderful. So much so that many of us feel guilty that we don’t feel that way now. I think the answer is that it’s part of the Holy Spirit’s “job” to woo us into the Kingdom. As He comes to us for this wonderful purpose, he acts first “while we were yet sinners”. We experience the Presence, the very presence of Heaven, of God Himself – the vibration, the dimension of God and Heaven. Heaven is a dimensional realm*, beyond the time-space continuum. It is everywhere in that it interpenetrates everything, but it is nowhere because it has no locality.

Normally, we four-dimensional beings, stuck in the five senses, identifying almost exclusively with this dense Earth, flounder around experiencing only the vibrational spectrum of the visible, tangible world. From the age of the so-called Enlightenment, we’ve come to identify even more with the concrete world. But the way of Christ is a supernatural undertaking and unfortunately, Christianity has succumbed to the ways of the modern world.
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Kingdom or Empire: The Sermon on the Mount – Part 2

The Ancient Romans valued power and supremacy over other countries and people. Without a doubt, we do too: “land of the free and the home of the brave”. But this is nothing new or confined to Romans or Americans. It has been man’s plight to want to conquer our neighbors ever since we refused to follow God’s ways and Cain killed Abel. We subjugated Native Americans and Africans, but they were doing it to each other way before Slavery and the pioneering of the North American continent. God made us for love (love for Him and love of others). We rebelled and went the way of conquest, violence, and taking what and who is not ours.

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Kingdom or Empire: The Sermon on the Mount – Part 1

The Fam: Wife Ann, our little boys, and daughter-in-law.
Should I kill somebody to protect them?

Lately, I’ve been hearing about this guy. He says he’s above the law, and that all the religions are out to lunch! He says he’s the real Commander in Chief, and he won’t pledge allegiance to any flag. His Facebook page has 50 Million followers, and his talks on YouTube have 200 million views, but Ted Talks refuse to give him webtime. The FBI and CIA are watching him. He hangs out with the dregs of society. And, if you can believe what people are saying, he heals the sick miraculously everywhere he goes.

Of course, I’m talking about Jesus if he had waited another 2000 years to come. Jesus was scandalous in everything he said or did. He usurped all the titles of Caesar, the emperor of almost the whole known world. We are so removed from the historical context of Jesus that we don’t realize the King of Kings, Son of God, Prince of peace, and more, were all titles that Rome bestowed on the emperor before Jesus was born. Continue reading

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Wrapped in the Arms of Jesus

Jesus was crowned King of Kings on the Cross. His crowning act was to love mankind so much that He would lay down his life, completing God the Father’s repetitive acts of forgiveness toward man.

The first time I read the Old Testament quickly through, I was in seminary school, and it was assigned as a speed read. It was probably the most memorable assignment I can remember. Reading the Jewish Testament slowly or piecemeal, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by its pieces and parts. But reading it rapidly, one gets the overwhelming feeling of God giving His chosen people repetitive opportunities and they, time and again, falling down miserably. Moses goes up Mount Sinai to meet with God and receives His guidelines sculpted supernaturally in stone. Moses’ face is shining from exposure to God’s radioactive radiance, His glory. But as he descends he sees the people God just delivered from slavery in Egypt having an orgy. What’s worse, they’ve built a huge golden idle and are worshiping it. This cycle repeated over and over until the final solution came: Jesus.

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Intertwined With God – The Woman at the Well

Sin takes us away from God, from intimacy with Him, and if it ultimately takes us away from partaking of salvation – the ultimate and lasting intertwining with our Creator’s nature and redemptive purpose – then it’s results can be as destructive and final as the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima.  Notice I’m not putting this intertwining with God off until after death. In fact, salvation begins with choosing God, right here and now. It involves the journey in  Him that we call Christianity, and of course beyond death. Salvation was never meant to be just a ticket to heaven. We have a simple choice: believe in this redemption which occurred with the coming of Jesus (the incarnation) and culminated at the cross and resurrection, and move towards intimacy with God. Or, choose to move towards the stuff that draws us away – sometimes by inches, sometimes by miles –  until we discover we’ve gone too far… But no, never too far! Continue reading

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The Cross: Restoring Humanity to Factory Settings

Restoring to Factory Settings

Adam and Eve were created and set down into a delightful world which God had prepared. There was no pain, toil, or suffering because it was not a dualistic world where every pleasure has a flip side of suffering, beauty implies the existence of ugliness, and so on. Yahwe instructed them to keep away from tasting of this dualism of good and evil because it would kill them. We would die, that is, from the designer’s intended world and state of being. Probably also from eternal life. Continue reading

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August 2010, when a mosque was about to be built on or near the 911 Ground Zero,              I wrote:

“If you know any card games you understand the trump card… God trumps politicians, Muslims, and any other power that comes against us and avows enmity to Him or His people!  I’m not talking about religion, which is invented by man.  I’m talking about God as revealed to us in Jesus and in the Word of God, both written and living will overcome any human power.”
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